Get ready for 8 days of inspiring workshops!

Skill levels,  choose accordingly

We provide workshops in many different styles of Zouk on various difficulty levels. In the schedule we explain by T: technical class and C: choreography class the type of workshop you can expect. We ask you to only join workshops matching your abilities and skill level. The teachers will not accommodate the level to the group. They expect you to know and be able to follow. Please respect each others skill level to keep the workshops fun for everyone. If you question your abilities, ask a teacher to help you choose the right workshops. 

Masterclasses, by audition

Our Foundation focusses on the development of talents of Brazilian Zouk Dancers. To make sure the advanced(plus) dancers also have the opportunity to improve their technics & skills, we will organize auditions to join the Masterclasses.

Are you an advanced(plus) dancer and ready to learn even more? Make sure you're in Studio 5 on Thursday at 13.00 in Trivium Dance and in Studio 2 or on Friday at 13.15 in Studio76 for the auditions. You don't need to register for the auditions, just make sure you are on time in the studio. The auditions will be judged by Jaime, Aroxa, Renata Pecahna, Larissa & Leo. All dancers who made it through the auditions you are welcome to follow any workshop on the schedule including the masterclasses.

Didn't make it through the audition? Don't be sad & don't take it personal! Take the opportunity to learn and practice at the congress and try again next year. Never give up!


Timetable coming soon